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More about Bachata Dancing, or Why We all Love
Bachata, and Why Dancing is Good for Us
Bachata Dance Lessons for Kids, Teens, Students, Adults
Meet new people, make new friends dancing Bachata!
Bachata, as any other social dance, provides a means to
connect with others. So if you want to widen your social
circle or expand your business network,
Bachata might just
be for you. When everyone is having an enjoyable time,
contacts are naturally made faster than anywhere else.
Dancing Bachata is very conductive for making friends. The
Bachata community is a very friendly one, everyone knows
each other after a while!

Bachata dancing, or just dancing, is the key to
healthy relationships.
If you are bored with the
predictable movie-then-dinner routine, you may want to
consider adding some excitement to your relationship by
taking up
Bachata lessons together with your significant
You’ll be enjoying your new hobby together, it will bring
you closer as a couple and you’ll love it.
Bachata is a partner dance, which is all  about making your
partner look good, so you learn how to respect and please
your partner, how to relate with the opposite sex, how to
be a stronger man, and how to be a more complete woman.

So call us now, schedule your
Bachata lessons, and spice
up your life with
Bachata Dance!

Bachata Dancing appeals to many people because
Bachata gives you confidence, and allows you to do
almost anything - you just need to know the basic steps,
which are pretty easy, and follow the music, you are free to
change the basic steps and improvise your own moves.

It usually does not take flashy moves to impress the crowd
in dance clubs. A passionate head turn, a sensual hip wave
or a flirty wink usually does the trick.

You become less self-conscious once you are familiar with
the steps, many students are in fact surprised that they
are able to loosen up and dance in front of a large group!

Dance Bachata, Lose Weight, get Fit, improve your
Coordination, Feel Younger, Nobody has two left feet!

It doesn’t matter if you’re overweight or clumsy, or have
never danced before. In fact, dancing is the best way to
lose weight. You’ll get great exercise while your dancing
and you’ll lose your extra pounds very fast. And if you
need to work on your coordination, don’t worry about it,
because you’re going to learn all about coordination and
balance. You won’t be clumsy ever again!

Dancing is good for all ages. If you think you’re too old or
too young, you are wrong! Little kids love to dance, and
learn how to dance very fast, and 80 years old men and
women are still having the time of their lives

You don't need a dedicated partner to dance Bachata.
You require a fixed partner for most ballroom dances
because the steps are choreographed. But for
you can dance with anybody because the leader is an
instant choreographer when he relates to the music!

Bachata will improve your fashion sense as well. Its
not uncommon to see students - mostly professionals -
have become "more daring" in their choice of outfits since
taking up Bachata.
When the men first start, they normally come in strait-
laced pants and shirt, but after a while, you notice them
dressing up and wearing more colourful and flashy clothes."
As for the ladies, they start wearing less and less!"
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