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Salsa Dancing and Some of Salsa Styles we Teach
Salsa dancing is extremely popular throughout Latin America
and the United States, and is gaining popularity in Europe and
all over the world. Salsa's roots are based on Afro-Cuban
Rumba and Son dancing, and it is heavily improvised and
continuously evolving dance.
Salsa is normally a lead & follow (freestyle) partner dance, and
is similar to Mambo in that both have a pattern of six steps
danced over eight counts of music.
Salsa has a complex rhythm, but you’ll learn to understand it
with enough practice. All Salsa compositions are based around
the Clave, both a rhythm and an instrument. The "son clave"
rhythm is the fundamental rhythm in salsa music.
Understanding the rhythm can help you to find the 1 beat or
find the 2 beat so that you know when to start dancing.

There are many different styles, or interpretations of Salsa  
that can be danced accentuating different beats in the music.
The most popular North American styles are Salsa On 1 and  
Salsa On 2 that are differ by the timing of the break step.

Los Angeles Salsa Style, or Salsa 'On 1':
If you dance accentuating the first beat the musical bar, or
break on the first beat "On 1"  it is often called Salsa on-1. It
is strongly influenced by the Mambo, Swing, Argentine Tango
and Latin Ballroom dancing styles.

Salsa On 2, or New York Style Salsa:
The important feature of New York "On 2" salsa is that you
begin most of your moves, turns and shines on the 1st and
5th beats, the strongest rhythmic spots in the salsa music,
and break, or change your body movement direction, on 2nd.

New York Style Salsa dancers are typically more advanced
dancers, serious about the musicality and timing of their
For both men and women shines, leg work, arm work, body
movement, spins, body isolations, shoulder shimmies and
rolls, and even hand styling have become a huge trend in the
salsa scene.
Hip hop, jazz, flamenco, belly dancing, ballroom, popping and
locking, Afro Cuban folk dancers
There are different Salsa styles, but essentially it's still done
to Salsa music and still comes under the general heading of
"Salsa", which is all about having fun and a good time.
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